Our history

Since 1950

our business has gradually grown from a simple kiosk to a beach restaurant mixed with a dense network of public relations and merchandising…

…bur one thing remained intact during these years: the importance of contact with people and the familiarity of the place.

Our philosophy

Attilio Beach skilfully combines the precious manual skills of the past with nowadays technological innovation. This union of tradition and modernity finds its full expression in the Pleasure Club, a brand born in 2008 to offer new horizons to its friends / customers.

“The Pleasure” is the place where design binds to landscape in a kaleidoscope of sensations of living the open spaces in a diverse multitude of lights, colors, music and perfumes.

Our ambition is to discover and foresee our costumers’ desires through a mutual exchange of opinions and ideas.


I have a mountain of things to do ... but I prefer the sea.

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